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Sunscreen is a luxury that few people can afford to go without. You don’t want to get premature wrinkles and age spots. There are many reasons to get facial sunscreens. One of them is that you will have the assurance that you can be protected from harmful, cancer-causing rays. The other reason is to preserve the aesthetics of your face. The best luxury facial sunscreens are ones that are backed by a reputable brand name. You want to go for quality over quantity when it comes to the best luxury facial sunscreen. After all, this is your face that we are talking about. It’s worth spending the extra money to get something that will actually protect your face like it should and give you the added benefits that only the best luxury facial sunscreens can provide.

Top 10 Best Selling Sunscreen in June 2024

Best Facial Sunscreens Shopping Guide

When it comes to facial sunscreens, your shopping list should include facial sunscreens that are only made for the face. The facial tissue has a different composition than the rest of your body. It can be more sensitive and it is certainly the most exposed. You will want to make sure that you get something that is only made for the face. 

Additionally, you want to look for brands that are specialists in skin care. For example, La Mer is a tried, tested and true brand. You know that anything that they put out is likely great for the skin. Also, you can look for brands like La Prairie, which are known to be among the top. Other brands that are mid-range to luxury include Shiseido, Origins, Dior, Chanel, Clarins, and Clinique. 

Finally, look for the type of protection you will get. A physical and a chemical shield are the two types of options that are out there. A physical shield will sit on top of the skin. It will stay there and block out the rays. A chemical shield will sink into the skin, but it will include chemicals that are known to block out the sun. If you have very sensitive skin, you might not want to have things sinking in. Opting for a physical shield means that the ingredients in the sunscreen will generally have molecules that are too big to penetrate the skin. They sit on the skin’s surface. A chemical shield will get into your pores. You might want to be careful with the latter because some chemicals used in sunscreen can be irritants. 

In addition, you will need to look at what exactly you are getting out of the entire shopping experience. Are the people who are helping you knowledgable? Do they let you take home samples to see if the product actually works for you? Do you feel like they are selling products that aren’t close to the expiry date so you will use up the bottle on time? There are many different retailers, and you are allowed to choose with discretion. You don’t need to simply settle for a place that doesn’t have a return policy and where you have to buy it in order to try it.

The Best Sunscreens for Different Types of Skins 

Knowing your skin type will help you to select a sunscreen appropriately. They recommend that you apply sunscreen each and every day. If you do this, then sunscreen is just a part of your regular skincare routine. You need to choose a product based on what your skincare needs are.

Best Facial Sunscreens for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin gets rashes easily. It is the type of skin you have if you react to the majority of creams that you try to put on your face. There are plenty of sensitive skin sunscreens, and the following are the top five:


Best Facial Sunscreens for Oily Skin 

Oily skin can be beautiful, but you may hate fighting with the sheen you have. You’ve probably invested in blotting papers if you have oily skin. Some people with oily skin also have gotten acne as part of the raw deal. The following are the five best facial sunscreens for oily skin:

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Best Facial Sunscreens 

These sunscreens are ones that are for normal skin. If you generally don’t suffer from skin problems or reactions to skincare products, then these will probably be safe to use. The following are the best facial sunscreens:

Best Facial Sunscreens for Acne-Prone Skin 

When it comes to acne, you want to make sure that facial sunscreens are not clogging up your pores. You will want to look for noncomedogenic and nonacnegenic on the labels. Please ensure if you are using acne treatments that they do not contradict with these ingredients. If you are using prescription topicals, you might want to use sunscreen for sensitive skin that is oil-free instead. The following are the best five facial sunscreens for acne-prone skin:


People still have so many questions when it comes to sunscreen. It’s understandable as it is a relatively new concept and a luxury compared to decades previous. With all the health warnings out there, thankfully sunscreen is commonplace in the 21st century. The following are some frequently asked questions about luxury sunscreens and their answers. 

Is sunscreen bad for sensitive skin? 

Sunscreen is not bad for sensitive skin at all. It’s a very common misconception that some people from the older generations have though. They may not have had access to good brands, so now they assume that sunscreen is just not for them. There are so many sunscreens that can be used daily that are great for sensitive skin. They help to block out the sun, which can actually be sensitizing to the skin in and of itself. Sunscreen is not bad for sensitive skin in the least, but there can be irritants in it that are. For this reason, if you have a reaction to something that is made for sensitive skin, you should discontinue usage. You will be able to find a good product, it just might take some effort. You can always ask for samples before purchasing a whole product and then later having to return it. 

Is sunscreen bad for oily skin? 

Sunscreen is not bad for oily skin. Even if you have oily skin, you should still moisturize it. Sunscreen is just part of the way you protect your skin. You should make sure that you bring blotting papers to work so that you can get rid of excess moisture in the middle of the day. You can reapply your sunscreen when you are leaving work and getting into the car. You will be able to then avoid the end of the day sun. If you go out at lunch, you need to reapply your SPF foundation or your sunscreen. 

What type of sunscreen is best for acne prone skin? 

There are a lot of different brands that are good for acne-prone skin. The acne line of La Roche Possay is good if you are looking for a sensitive skin acne care line. You can use the La Roche Possay brand sunscreen as well, just make sure you choose an oil-free one. Ultimately, you will want to ensure that you can wear the sunscreen in conjunction with any topical acne treatments you use. If you are in doubt, you can always get your dermatologist’s advice although a lot of it is trial and error. 

Which sunscreen is best for oily skin? 

There are a lot of sunscreens that work best for oily skin. You need to make sure that you are not blocking your pores up anymore. One of the best pieces of advice for you with this is that you can use mineral powders that double as SPF. The Jane Iredale line was popular for this reason. The minerals naturally block out the sun. It is a physical sunscreen that sits on the face all day. You can tell when the coverage is fading too and it’s time to reapply. 

Which sunscreen is best for face? 

There are so many sunscreens out there, it is impossible to say what will be the best for one particular complexion. Face products can be very finicky, and it’s kind of interesting how what works for one person won’t work for the other. This is why there is no number one, top pick ever. There’s a lot of ones that are better than others though. If you don’t have finicky skin, then you can shop for benefits as well. The Dermalogica line has a lot of antioxidants as well as sunscreen, however, you have to be warned that their ingredients can be irritating to sensitive skin types. 

What ingredient in sunscreen causes rash? 

There are certainly not certain ingredients in luxury sunscreens that can cause a rash, per se. However, there might be something that you are particularly sensitive to. You might not want to have a natural line like Juice if you don’t react well to natural products. Natural products and organic lines are great but they add in a lot of extras. Instead of just getting a chemical that is stripped down, you get the entire chemical composition of a plant. If you find that you are sensitive, go for bare basic lines like Avene. Also, just because something says it won’t give you a rash doesn’t mean you won’t react to it. 

Can sunscreen cause a chemical burn? 

Sunscreen can cause a chemical burn if you are not careful to choose the brand wisely. If you choose cheap lines, then they might have ingredients that are irritants, like urea. You don’t want to find out the hard way that your brand uses a harsh filler. You should be educated in your ingredients and know if you are using special treatments, like chemical peels, that you need to go above and beyond and always follow the doctor’s orders.


When it comes to your sunscreens, you should enjoy the selection process. Shopping for luxury skincare is always fun, and you can make it a spa-like experience in your own right. There are so many great brands out there, and you can really learn to educate yourself on all that they have to offer. The suggestions above are through education and trials, so you can be assured that I chose these selections carefully based on all my research and experience.

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