Best Luxury Ties For Men

The men’s ties are a symbol of status and masculinity used to show the man’s taste in fashion and to accentuate his personality. 

Because the ties are one of the few accessories man uses, these must be chosen carefully.

A right tie can really make a difference. Just try this: wear the same costume but change the tie. Don’t be too surprised if you will notice that your whole look changes. Most men say that the key to their elegant look is the tie and even if they don’t have many suits just by changing the ties often they always look fashionable and chic.

If you think that choosing the right tie is difficult, I have some good news for you: this article will show you the best luxury ties in 2019, and with any of those, you will look great for sure.

The suit and necktie combination will allow you to express your personality and show your excellent taste when it comes to clothing.

Top 10 Best Selling Luxury Ties and Bow Ties in December 2023

The 11 Best Luxury Ties For Men

With the neckties included in the top, you can be sure you made the right decision. These are all high quality, beautiful and durable.

To help you choose the best luxury ties, our team researched hundreds of products and chose the best ones to choose from.

Kingsman+ Drake’s 8cm Slub Linen and Silk-Blend Tie

Kingsman Mélange Linen and Silk-Blend Tie Light Blue

This elegant tie was handcrafted in England, and it is the result of a partnership between the British haberdasher Drake and the award-winning online retail for men’s style MR PORTER.

The Kingsman collection contains classic designs, which will always be chic.

The tie is made 100% from natural materials 85% linen, 15% silk. The color is light-blue and white slub linen and silk-blend, which works wonderfully along with a navy or gray suit.

This tie comes in four variations: light blue, gray, brown and beige.

Salvatore Ferragamo Red Logo-Jacquard Silk Tie

Salvator Ferragamo Maroon and Light Pink Silk Tie

Italian fashion brands are world-famous for their quality. The Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian luxury goods company, which is specialized in creating ready-to-wear products for men and women.

The Salvatore Ferragamo Red Logo-Jacquard Silk Tie feature the company’s logo fully lined and it is made 100% from silk.

Stefano Ricci Silk Pleat Detail Tie

Stefano Ricci Silk Pleat Detail Black Tie

Florentine designer Stefano Ricci rose to success because of his collection of handcrafted fine silk ties, which are very appreciated by the modern gentleman who wants to look amazing.

So if you want to experience the authentic Italian luxury go for the Stefano Ricci Silk Pleat Detail Tie. It is sewn by hand, made from pure silk and crafted with subtle pleats forming textured diagonal stripes for an understated look with a creative appeal.

This handmade tie are the perfect companion for a classic, elegant suit.

Silk Stripe English Heritage Luxury Tie – Pink & Navy

Lilac and navy motif luxury English hand rolled silk tie

This tie is for the ones who want to bring a modern look to their business suit. It is the perfect companion to a business casual outfit.

The pink & navy luxury tie is made 100% from silk, and it features screen-printed and finished with hand-rolled edges for a marvelous drape.

It is available in different combinations: pink and navy, orange and navy, navy.

Robert Talbott San Remo Print Seven Fold Tie

Robert Talbott San Remo Print Seven Fold Tie Gold

This gorgeous tie will marry wonderfully with a black, navy or gray business suit and it is also a good option for social events.

It is handmade in Monterey, California and it is made using 100% pure silk.

Moreover, the best part is that it is an exclusive item: only 40 ties were made.

Men’s Ermenegildo Zegna Paisley Pink Italian Silk Tie

Ermenegildo Zegna Quindici + Quindici Navy Floral Paisley Silk Tie

If you are looking for a high-quality Italian tie, you will love this necktie. It is hand printed in the Lake Como region.

It features beautiful paisley motifs, and it is made 100% rich silk.

Donald Trump Neck Tie Red and Silver Diamond Pattern Tie

Donald Trump Neck Tie Red and Silver Diamond Pattern Tie

You may like or dislike Donald Trump, but the luxury ties made under his name are elegant and beautiful.

The red with diamonds combination looks perfect and, the necktie can be the ideal companion to any suit.

It is made 100% from silk, and it features Donald J. Trump Gold emblem and crest.

Bolvaint – Tabit Blue on White Silk Tie

Bolvaint - Tabit Blue on White Silk Tie

This 100% silk tie features an elegant floral motif in white against stone blue. The inner linings in wool make the tie to hold its shape.

The Bolvaint – Tabit Blue on White Silk Tie is the best choice worn with a white shirt.

Charvet Striped Silk-Jacquard Tie

Charvet Striped Silk-Jacquard Tie

This is a handmade item crafted by French artisans. It is an excellent solution to make your outfit sharp.

The Charvet Silk-Jacquard tie feature woven design with diagonal burgundy and magenta stripes.

CANALI Purple Pure Silk Tie With Blue Optical Clover Motif

CANALI Purple Pure Silk Tie With Blue Optical Clover Motif

CANALI is the Italian design company who is famous for its exquisite craftsmanship and the refined sense of style.

The CANALI Purple Pure Silk Tie is made in Italy 100% from fine silk and it is decorated with an all-over blue optical clover motif.

The tie looks very stylish and the logo isn’t big and annoying, in fact the tie features a subtle embroidered logo.

This design comes in two variations: purple pure and pink and blue.

ETON Paisley-jacquard silk tie

Corneliani Floral-Embroidered Silk Tie

This luxury tie features floral embroidery, and it is made 100% of silk.

The Eton Paisley jacquard silk tie is perfect for any kind of suit.

Luxury ties buyer’s guide. What should I look for when buying a tie?

Luxury men ties tend to be expensive; therefore you should choose wisely.

When it comes to finding the best tie there are three main things you should look for:

  1. Elegant look. The tie must look great and accentuate your masculinity.
  2. High quality. The ties, which offer the best quality are usually made from natural fibers, like silk, wool, linen, and cotton. The silk and wool models are the most popular ones so it won’t be hard to find the right one for you.
  3. Long life. If you pay attention to the quality of the product when you buy the tie will have a long life. It is not uncommon to use the tie for several years.

When buying look for well-known designer brands. These brands offer the best quality and the most beautiful designs.

The favorite colors are black, navy, red, burgundy, green, orange, yellow, coral, purple, and peach.

Also, look for these ties’ patterns: plain, stripe, geometric and floral.

Can you buy ties online?

The answer is yes. You can find the best ties for men in the online stores, you can check out the reviews and buy using secure technology, and the product will be delivered to your home.

Most of the online shops offer international delivery so you will be able to shop no matter where you are located.

Why do men wear ties?

According to “Through the years, ties have been seen as symbols of genteel birth, social rank, coming of age, blind following of tradition and, of course, male sexuality. In the 1960s, the tie was the symbol of the Establishment (negative). In the ’80s, it represents power and financial success (positive).”

Nowadays “They are banners that proclaim just about any range of mood, emotion, or socioeconomic message that the wearer wishes to admit, or the viewer wishes to interpret. They are a celebration of color, beauty, and tradition in an otherwise drab and rootless world.”

Modern men wear ties because these are a tradition and have a symbolic value. These items are a way for the man to express his taste in fashion and his masculinity.

From the practical perspective, “they are men’s chance to have a little color with dark suits and white shirts.” (Freda Sedgwick, California USA).

Business outfits are damn boring, and the ties are used to sharpen the look and bring a splash of color.

Moreover, there are some of life’s events where the tie is mandatory.

Are all ties the same length?

No. There are regular-length ties, which are normally 58/59 inches and extra-long ties, which are usually 61/62 inches long.

What color ties should I own?

That is a really good question because most men don’t know what to choose they end up buying and having a lot of ties and only wearing a few.

The best idea is to put the suit on and to go in a tie store to see how the ties actually look with your outfit.

Regarding the color, every man should own a navy, a red and black tie. If you want to start your tie collection the article 9 Neckties Every Man Should Own | Styles To Complete Your Necktie Collection may be very helpful. And also watch the video posted below.

How long should men’s ties be?

According to Monica Portillo, a former Style Consultant “The rule of thumb with ties is that the tip of the front of the tie should land somewhere on the belt buckle”.

Here are the guidelines for those who are really tall and should wear extra long ties:

  • Any man over 6’3″ should wear extra long ties (62″+). No negotiations here.
  • Any man with neck size of 17.5 or larger (unless you are also incredibly short).
  • Any man with neck size of 16 – 17.5 and who is between 5’11” and 6’3″, especially with a long torso.
  • Average-size men can wear standard ties, which are usually 56-58 inches long.
  • There are also XXL ties for very tall men. These ties are approximately 66 inches long and are intended for men 6’7″ and above.”

Be sure to watch the video Proper & Correct Tie Length Explained.

What are the most expensive ties?

The guys from Money Inc actually made a top with the world’s most expensive ties. These are:

  • Christian Lacroix Fantasy Pattern – $1,150.
  • Stefano Ricci’s Formal Crystal Tie – $1,775.
  • EMPA Gold Tie – $8,500.
  • Stefano Ricci’s Diamond Plated Tie – $30,000.
  • The Suashish Necktie – $220,000.

What is the most expensive tie brand?

The most expensive ties brands are Satya Paul design studio, Stefano Ricci, EMPA, Christian Lacroix, Roberto Cavalli, The Charvet, and Turnbull & Asser. If you are curious about what are the most expensive ties in the world check out this article.

How do you properly wear a tie?

“Different tie widths suit different body shapes”, says Campbell Carey, creative director at Huntsman Savile Row. “The correct tie should complement your suit and keep your outfit in proportion.”

If you want to learn how to wear a tie properly read these articles :

How to wear a tie By Murray Clark

Far from one-size-fits-all, the wrong tie (in the wrong place, at the wrong time) can be just as bad for your look as any ill-fitting blazer. So it pays to know your stuff. Read the full article.

7 tips for wearing neckties correctly By Alan Vinson

There are plenty of necktie shapes, colors, patterns, and knot types to choose from in the men’s suiting world.

Knowing how to select the appropriate tie and coordinate the type of knot to your shirt collar is an art.
Read the full article.

How do you hang ties?

The ties are made from delicate materials so you cannot just stuff them in a drawer, or roll them out. To store them properly invest in a good tie rack.

These things are inexpensive: you will find a good one under $20.

If you want to take good care of your ties read this article on how to store, clean and keep them in shape.

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